SiteWatch features comprehensive hardware and software integration:  the hardware is installed by our technicians (or by the client if desired).  The sensors communicate with the Cloud via Wi-Fi or cellular service.  Usage data is consolidated in the cloud, enabling detailed analysis of energy consumption, as well as data from BMSs or other systems.

Ease of Installation

SiteWatch is based on a patented technology that replaces expensive electrical sub-meters with self-powered clip-on sensors – about the size of a pack of gum – which can be installed in minutes. The system is wireless from end-to- end and can easily be installed in a facility in a few hours.

Because of its low cost and speed of installation – as well as simple removal and re-installation elsewhere – SiteWatch captures 10 times as much information at 1/10th the installed cost of previous systems. This allows you to monitor your entire facility in detail, rather than just a few major circuits.

  • Non-Invasive
  • Self-Powered
  • Wireless
  • No Disruption
  • No Maintenance 
  • Tiny
  • Inexpensive



Portfolio of Sensors & Meters:

We offer a variety of sensors designed to accommodate any circuit size. In addition to measuring energy, SiteWatch also offers meters and sensors to measure and  monitor temperature, humidity, and CO2 content.