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Are you an Energy Supplier seeking additional opportunities to compete?

Energy Suppliers are not required to participate in our auctions; they CHOOSE to participate. And without them, we cannot hold an effective energy procurement auction.

As a consequence, we place a great deal of emphasis on clear communication, fair dealing, and an agnostic posture – we do not care which Supplier wins each auction – we only care that each Supplier is treated fairly and that our Clients get the best price.

In addition, our accelerated bidding process saves the suppliers (and our Clients) time. They know that it is the most effective multiple-stage pricing process in the industry:

  • Our RFPs are complete and timely
  • We allow appropriate time for the submission of initial bids
  • Second round and contracting typically take place within 24 hours of initial bids

As a unique feature of our pricing process, we provide feedback to every participating Supplier after each pricing event, so they know how close they were to the winning bid.

Thanks to these unique features of The Energy Exchange℠, we are proud to say that EVERY viable Supplier in our market area is a member of our network. Every Supplier will not necessarily participate in every auction, because a particular contract may not be in their strategic interest. But they are ALL in our network, and they ALL participate in our pricing events.

As evidence that we are totally agnostic, our supplier network includes more than 40 electricity and natural gas suppliers and since the spring of 2016, hundreds of contracts were secured by 24 DIFFERENT Suppliers.

From the Supplier’s perspective, we are Trusted Energy Advisors©.

Judi Hall-Subers, Senior Account Executive, South Jersey Energy Solutions

“Of all the brokers and consultants I work with, Applied Energy Partners is one of the best. Their people and their process are best-in-class, and they give me everything I need to do my job effectively. In short, they are a joy to work with.”

Judi Hall-Subers, Senior Account Executive, South Jersey Energy Solutions

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