Massive technological change driven by the Internet of Things is changing the world we work in. Millions of devices from thermostats to light fixtures to motors are learning to communicate with each other – and with you!

Your fridge at home can call a serviceman, and now a machine in your plant that’s operating erratically or starting to deteriorate can ‘call’ your operators and technicians when it needs help.

SiteWatch represents a breakthrough in Operations and Energy Management: a flexible, affordable monitoring and management service that lets you view your equipment operations and energy-consumption continuously – at a level of detail you’ve never seen before.

In real-time, you can see the operating patterns of your machinery graphically, as well as when and how much energy is being used - or wasted - in your facility by every pump, compressor, chiller, freezer or motor of any kind.

Measurement & Verification. If you’re planning an energy-efficiency upgrade, potential vendors will provide proposals based on multiple assumptions and estimates – e.g. run-time, loading and energy-use - before and after the upgrade.

To help you evaluate those assumptions and estimates for ‘reasonableness’, you can install SW on the current system for a period before committing to the upgrade, so you’ll have actual, dependable measurements rather than estimates. Then, after the upgrade, you can verify the actual payback on your investment.


Applied Energy Partners Benchmark Study for Senior Living

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Nipa Clark, Account Manager, WGL Energy

“I have to say that I like the way you guys operate. You are one of the only consultants that I work with who provide feedback after every bid. The communication is the best I’ve ever seen and I’ve been doing this for 13 years! Looking forward to working with you guys on many more deals…”

Nipa Clark, Account Manager, WGL Energy

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