Applied Energy is a Full Service Energy Consultancy

We offer a comprehensive range of value-added services – and our fee is typically lower than what your Broker is charging:

  • Electricity procurement
  • Natural Gas Procurement
  • Green Energy Procurement
  • Continuous Energy Management
  • Complimentary Bill Audits
  • Market Watch – personalized market timing
  • Contract Language Assistance
  • Peak Usage / Red Alert / Cap Tag Management
  • Club Energy - Residential Energy Discount Program

Call us to see what it’s like to work with a Licensed Energy Consultant instead of a traditional broker: you’ll enjoy superior service at a lower cost.

Michael Fischer, Source Power & Gas

“When having someone represent your interests, you want a team that is respected in the industry, and deals with integrity, responsiveness and transparency with all parties, and Applied Energy Partners checks all these boxes. Working with Applied Energy Partners is an absolute pleasure.”

Michael Fischer, Source Power & Gas

The Energy Markets…simplified.


Call Us Today for a No-Obligation Conversation: Kit Gutteridge, President, AEP 484.406.5400 x101