Restaurants have a very high energy-use profile for both electricity and natural gas: only data centers use more energy per square foot.

Additionally, restaurants often use energy for more than 14 hours a day, which makes their load profiles attractive to energy Suppliers.

Since gas for cooking is a significant part of their energy consumption, it’s important that the energy broker is experienced in buying gas as well as electricity.

Buying gas is considerably more complicated than buying electricity and there is a lot more risk, especially in the monthly balancing of volumes forecast vs. volumes used. In this regard, it’s important to ensure that your contract is connected with the correct Gas Index.

Finally, billing errors are common with gas usage and we’re experienced in identifying them and fixing them.

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Charlie Scandone, Director of Facilities Montgomery County Community College

“Applied Energy Partners’ exceptional service, process and market advice has resulted in huge savings for MCCC. With budgets constantly changing, AEP has made it possible for the college to establish budget certainty all the while being under budget for Energy since 2012.”

Charlie Scandone, Director of Facilities Montgomery County Community College

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