SiteWatch uses a patented technology that replaces $1,000 energy meters with tiny wireless sensors that cost 1/20th as much.

Since the sensors are clip-on/clip-off, 100 sensors can be installed on 100 circuits in less than a day, without powering anything down.

Once captured, the data is sent to the cloud to be analyzed and turned into actionable graphs, reports and spreadsheets showing precisely what’s happening in your facility at any time. 

SiteWatch features comprehensive hardware and software integration: the hardware is installed by our technicians (or by the client if desired). The sensors communicate with the Cloud via Wi-Fi or cellular service. Usage data is consolidated in the cloud, enabling detailed analysis of energy consumption, as well as data from BMSs or other systems.

SW will help you identify wasted energy, improve energy efficiency, monitor machine operations, predict machine failure, and measure & verify investments in new equipment. Also, because SiteWatch is a cloud-based service, the sensors, installation, training and ongoing engineering support can be provided without any up-front capital expenditure.



Applied Energy Partners Benchmark Study for Senior Living

Click Below for an introductory PDF, including pages of actual SiteWatch reports.Then give us a call for a no-obligation discussion about how SiteWatch can help YOU see your energy use in a way you’ve never seen it before!

SiteWatch White Paper Jan 2018


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Joseph Sabold, Corporate Director of Facilities Management & Construction, SpiriTrust Lutheran®

“SpiriTrust Lutheran® recently participated in its first auction through Applied Energy Partners (AEP) to obtain reduced electric rates for multiple locations in Pennsylvania.  AEP did much of the fact finding and offered recommendations that enabled us to save approximately 20% on energy over a three-year period.”

Joseph Sabold, Corporate Director of Facilities Management & Construction, SpiriTrust Lutheran®

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