Providing not-for-profits with the best energy prices

We are proud to say that we have a large number of not-for-profit clients who have chosen us for their energy procurement needs. They range from social service providers to schools to senior living facilities.

Not-for-Profit entities have three critical energy strategy priorities:

  • Lowest possible cost
  • Operating budget stability
  • Minimization of risk

Lowest Possible Cost

Each Client's ‘load profile' - i.e. on-peak/off-peak/summer/winter usage patterns - is a critical part of their energy cost structure. Once our analysis of the load factor is complete, we schedule an auction designed to reveal EVERY available price in the market.

Achieving the lowest cost requires having every viable Supplier compete head-to-head in each auction. No one else in the industry delivers the quality and quantity of Supplier participation that we do. Our proprietary energy auction process - The Energy Exchange℠ - has demonstrated time after tine that it is “the fastest path to the lowest price”.©

Budget Stability

Budget certainty requires that we fix as many elements of a gas or power bill as possible by locking in capacity, transmission and various other ancillary charges.

Minimizing Risk

Since unexpected changes in 'regulatory charges' can still be passed on to the customer by suppliers, we advise clients what their ongoing risks are and the likelihood of them occurring.

If these strategies are important to you, we should talk. Give us a call at 484-406-5400, for a no-fee, no-obligation conversation.

Charlie Scandone, Director of Facilities Montgomery County Community College

“Applied Energy Partners’ exceptional service, process and market advice has resulted in huge savings for MCCC. With budgets constantly changing, AEP has made it possible for the college to establish budget certainty all the while being under budget for Energy since 2012.”

Charlie Scandone, Director of Facilities Montgomery County Community College

The Energy Markets…simplified.


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