Load Profiles

It‘s common knowledge that manufacturing firms have a wide range of load profiles based on their unique operational characteristics. And these load profiles are one of the principal determinants of energy cost.

Peak Load Contribution

In addition, however, there’s another lesser-understood load characteristic that significantly differentiates between various manufacturers – Peak Load Contribution – a.k.a “Capacity”, the measure of their peak electrical usage relative to their average usage.

We understand the needs and constraints of our manufacturing clients, and our auctions are inherently flexible and can be structured to meet your unique needs.

Would you like a complimentary analysis of your load profile and peak load contribution? Put us to the test:  See how a Licensed Commercial Energy Consultant compares to a traditional broker…Give us a call – we love to talk energy!


David Benton

“I was most impressed with the on-line auction process. The Rittenhouse Hotel is delighted to repot a 19% savings over our previous Firm Fixed contract. Our new contract now includes 10% green power, important to our conservation efforts.”

David Benton

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