A Perfect Example of Long-Range Thinking

September 13, 2017By Tom DufraineEnergy Industry Success Stories No Comments

Wolfe Bleach & Dye is one of Pennsylvania’s oldest family-owned businesses.   They have been “Leading the pack” in the textile commission dyeing, bleaching and finishing industry since 1902. Although they are an old, established company, their procurement policies are very future-focused: Applied Energy Partners had already secured very attractive electricity and natural gas pricing for Wolfe through 2018 … Read More

Your Single Source For The Lowest Cost

August 2, 2017By Tom DufraineEnergy Industry Insights

Remember, there are only two ways to reduce your energy bill, and only Applied Energy Partners offers the industry’s BEST solution to each of these challenges Use Less Pay Less Use Less: Energy Monitoring SiteWatch is a breakthrough in energy monitoring and management.  Tiny, INEXPENSIVE wireless sensors that can be installed for a fraction of … Read More

Locking Up Future Savings and Budget Certainty

August 2, 2017By Tom DufraineEnergy Industry Insights

How often are you able to secure future savings while locking in operating costs for goods and services needed to run your day-to-day operations?  You probably would answer “Seldom, if ever.”If you could achieve guaranteed savings and budget certainty through 2020 or beyond, would you do so? Our clients are taking advantage of this historic … Read More

A 5-Year Success Story

July 10, 2017By Tom DufraineEnergy Industry Success Stories

This month’s Success Story demonstrates how The Energy Exchange procurement process saves our clients time and money… Montgomery County Community College (MCCC) has been a client for 5 years, and we have conducted a total of 10 auctions for them including electricity and natural gas.

Are You Locked In Thru 2020?

July 10, 2017By Tom DufraineEnergy Industry Insights

If you have not locked in your energy supply contracts through 2020, you really need to give us a call. Given that electricity rates are at 4-year lows, we have advised all our clients to buy at least three years in advance.  Natural gas is slightly more skittish, but we’re still able to make opportunistic … Read More

PJM Transmission Increases Throughout PA

July 10, 2017By Tom DufraineEnergy Industry Insights

As we alerted you in an earlier newsletter, PJM has announced adjustments to the Transmission Tariff, also known as Network Integration Transmission Service or the NITS charge, and these increases will be included in July billing for all electricity supply contracts, whether you are buying directly from a utility or through a supplier.