Our expertise derives from three sources

  • Timing Expertise: Because we conduct energy procurement auctions EVERY DAY, no one is closer to energy industry trends than we are. We track the spot markets and futures markets every day in real time, and we constantly analyze the factors that can influence energy market prices at any moment. In addition, our auctions give us unique insight into how suppliers are behaving as they anticipate FUTURE market moves. Count on AEP to give you the best advice on when to strike a new contract price.
  • Sector Expertise: We understand the unique energy requirements for YOUR type of business. We understand that a manufacturing company’s load profile is different from a university, which is different from a hospital…you get the idea. Because we have conducted numerous auctions in every industry segment, we know how to structure the auction to YOUR advantage. We’ve highlighted a few of our industry observations and benchmarks in the articles listed in the right-hand column.
  • Regulatory Expertise: We are up-to-date on the latest regulatory issues in YOUR state(s), and we keep you informed about regulatory changes as they happen - throughout your time as our client. You can trust AEP to protect YOUR interests in the contracting process.

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Joseph Sabold, Corporate Director of Facilities Management & Construction, SpiriTrust Lutheran®

“SpiriTrust Lutheran® recently participated in its first auction through Applied Energy Partners (AEP) to obtain reduced electric rates for multiple locations in Pennsylvania.  AEP did much of the fact finding and offered recommendations that enabled us to save approximately 20% on energy over a three-year period.”

Joseph Sabold, Corporate Director of Facilities Management & Construction, SpiriTrust Lutheran®

The Energy Markets…simplified.


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