Level load profiles are attractive to Electricity, Natural Gas & Green Power suppliers

Fully residential hospitals and healthcare facilities are attractive to energy Suppliers because their usage, while higher in the daytime when operating rooms are busy, is still relatively flat (on/off peak) and well-balanced on both a daily and a seasonal basis.

For those facilities who use natural gas, it is important to note that the price of natural gas is not sensitive to time-of-day use, and therefore there is no Peak Load Contribution, as there is with electricity.

Green power is often available at little or no premium as an inherent part of our auction process.

If you are responsible for energy procurement at a hospital or healthcare facility, please consider putting our expertise to work on your behalf. Contact us for a FREE, no-obligation consultation.

Craig Cigas President Cigas Machine Shop

Since working with Applied Energy we have been able to significantly reduce our energy spend. Applied Energy has provided us with excellent market intelligence and advice on market timing.  As a consequence, we were able to save over 30% on our electricity costs for a contract that starts in late 2018.

Craig Cigas President Cigas Machine Shop

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