Unplanned downtime caused by equipment failure can be extremely expensive in terms of lost production, lost revenue, spare parts, repair labor etc. For this reason, there is a great deal of industry focus now on an approach called Predictive Maintenance (PdM).

The concept is simple: A failing motor will always draw more power for a period before it fails completely. The idea is to monitor the current draw of the motor, and track it in real time. Moreover, by setting an ALERT 5-10% above or below the ‘normal’ power draw range, the motor will provide early warning of developing problems in time to fix them before disaster strikes.

Examples of potential failure include

  • Over-loaded motors caused by
    • Overheating due to torque overload; failure of rotor, bearing, windings insulation
    • Over-current
    • Low-voltage
    • Phase imbalance
    • Capacitor failure
    • Clogged downstream filters
  • Under-loaded motors caused by
    • Broken or slipping drive belt
    • Loose or sheared shaft coupling
    • Open pump discharge
    • Restricted pump intake
    • Clogged intake filters or screens

And as a bonus, you can actually reduce maintenance costs at the same time:  Rather than relying solely on a time-based maintenance schedule, maintenance can be scheduled when it is more convenient and cost-effective.

 Equipment Failure Alert


  • Observation: At 04:50 in the morning the Purified Water Circulation Pump Tripped, dropping the power consumed by the system below the configured Alert Level.
  • Action: The Alert level triggered an automatic email to be sent, as well as SMS text message.