When a motor-driven machine starts to fail, one of the earliest signs is an increase in power draw by that motor – typically before you can hear a problem or it overheats.  For example, a deteriorating bearing or a short in the windings or a plugged downstream filter, can result in significant increases in power draw.

If the motor normally draws between 20kW and 40kW an hour, alerts can be set at 15kW and 45kW - with or without a time delay. So, if the motor exceeds 45kW for a period of X minutes, an alert will be sent.

Here are common problems that can occur with motor-driven systems…                                                               

Over-loaded motors                                                                           

  • Torque Overload
  • Rotor/Stator/Bearing Failures
  • Over-current
  • Low-voltage
  • Phase imbalance
  • Capacitor failure            

Under-loaded motors 

  • Broken or slipping drive belt
  • Loose or sheared shaft coupling
  • Open pump discharge
  • Restricted pump intake

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