Improving energy efficiency has 2 key components:
  • Eliminating waste
  • Optimizing equipment settings and schedules

There are many ways in which energy can be wasted, from human error – leaving things running when they should be switched off – to machine error – when equipment is supposed to operate in sync with other equipment, but doesn’t.

Similarly, equipment settings - from thermostats to motor-speed settings – can be incorrect for optimum output. This may not be the operator’s fault. The settings may have been optimal for certain tasks, but not for others. Improvements are frequently possible when all the machine’s operations are clearly visible through SiteWatch.

Some machines are intrinsically more efficient than other, typically older ones. Sitewatch provides a unique view into which settings for machines and related equipment are the most energy-efficient.

For example, in a plastics injection-molding plant, with dozens of molding machines of different tonnages and molds with varying numbers of cavities, SW can help production managers figure out which combination of machine and mold will produce the most product at the least energy cost.

Measurement & Verification. If you’re planning an energy-efficiency upgrade, potential vendors will provide proposals based on multiple assumptions and estimates – e.g. run-time, loading and energy-use - before and after the upgrade.

To help you evaluate those assumptions and estimates for ‘reasonableness’, you can install SW on the current system for a period before committing to the upgrade, so you’ll have actual, dependable measurements rather than estimates. Then, after the upgrade, you can verify the actual payback on your investment.

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Judi Hall-Subers, Senior Account Executive, South Jersey Energy Solutions

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