Energy Auctions: The Energy Exchange

The evidence is now conclusive: compared to traditional brokers, reverse auctions is the most effective way to lower your energy price…for electricity and natural gas.

And The Energy Exchange is simply the best energy auction available.

  • Fast: Takes just 2 hours of your time over the entire process.  
  • Easy: We handle everything from the RFP's to the contracts. 
  • Powerful: Creates intense competition among suppliers
  • Effective: You will see every pricing from every viable supplier, so you are certain to see the lowest price available specific to your facilities 

The Energy Exchange creates a marketplace where our comprehensive network of electricity and natural gas suppliers compete head-to-head for your business. In a typical energy auction, you’ll have 10-20 suppliers competing for your electricity contract and 6-10 for natural gas!

A Customized Event

Every auction is customized for your needs. You will see:

  • Every contract term
  • Every contract option you want to explore (fixed;variable,hybrid)
  • Green Power options (if you are interested)
  • Multiple pass-through options (if you are interested) 

Then we help you make the choice that's best for your energy strategy. It's simply the fastest path to the lowest price © . 

What about market Timing?

When you buy is as important as what you buy or where you buy. We are in the markets every day: placing orders, speaking with suppliers; assessing future trends.  We’ll help you use the market trends to your advantage. Interested in learning more?  Click here or visit  the Market Monitor section of our Home Page.

Put us to the test:

See how Licensed Commercial Energy Consultant compares to a traditional broker…We’ll run a “trial” auction for you at no cost or obligation. You do not have to accept the results, and there are no contracts you must sign. You have nothing to lose and possibly much to gain, so give us a call today.


David Benton

“I was most impressed with the on-line auction process. The Rittenhouse Hotel is delighted to repot a 19% savings over our previous Firm Fixed contract. Our new contract now includes 10% green power, important to our conservation efforts.”

David Benton

The Energy Markets…simplified.


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