For most companies, energy represents their third-largest P&L expense

For some industries - such as manufacturing, hospitals, and data centers, - energy costs can affect the company’s entire competitive positioning.

It’s now clear that the most effective way to lower your energy price is through the use of multi-stage reverse auctions.   And The Energy Exchange℠ – our proprietary procurement process - is the fastest and most effective electricity procurement auction process available today.

Why? The Energy Exchange is

  • Fast – the auction process itself is designed to take place over two business days.
  • Comprehensive – we ensure that every viable supplier participates, so you’re certain you’ve seen the lowest price available.
  • Transparent – you see every bid and every variation in contract type and length
  • Powerful – reverse auctions create intense competition among suppliers
  • Easy – we handle everything from RFP, through the Auction, to executed Contracts. You decide how much, or how little, you wish to be involved. Typically, your involvement is limited to 1-2 hours over two days.

The evidence is conclusive: compared to traditional brokers, our reverse auctions provide the “fastest path to the lowest price”©.

Put us to the test: See how a Licensed Commercial Energy Consultant compares to a traditional broker…We can run a “trial” auction for you at no cost or obligation. You do not have to accept the results, and there are no contracts you must sign. Give us a call today to arrange a test. You have nothing to lose and possibly much to gain.


Judi Hall-Subers, Senior Account Executive, South Jersey Energy Solutions

“Of all the brokers and consultants I work with, Applied Energy Partners is one of the best. Their people and their process are best-in-class, and they give me everything I need to do my job effectively. In short, they are a joy to work with.”

Judi Hall-Subers, Senior Account Executive, South Jersey Energy Solutions

The Energy Markets…simplified.


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