Green Power Procurement Auctions 

Green Power Without the Hassle

We help our clients go green without the hassle and expense of on-site renewable generation. In fact, any electricity supply contract can include green power to support corporate green initiatives and sustainability plans.

You will pay a modest premium for green power, but far less than buying RECs on the open market or installing solar arrays.

Competition is Key

It turns out that the best process for securing green power at a minimal premium is an electricity procurement auction. And Applied Energy Partners has the most effective electricity auction in the industry – The Energy Exchange™ - a marketplace where a comprehensive network of suppliers compete head-to-head for your business. In one of our typical auctions, you can expect to have 12-20 suppliers competing for your green power supply contract.

A Simple 3-Step Process
  1. We discuss your green-power needs and options.
  2. We send the RFP to every viable supplier in our network.
  3. You see every price available, and you choose the bid that best satisfies your Green Energy Strategy.


Why are Green Energy auctions so effective?

On a regular basis (daily, weekly, or monthly), energy suppliers review their electricity pricing policies in different markets. If they want more market share in a particular area, they’ll lower prices in that market, and when they’ve acquired enough market share,they will not be as aggressive as the field.

This holds true with percentages of green power. If a supplier has additional green power assets in a specific market they may provide varying percentages of Green Power at little to no additional premiums. 

That’s why we call it “Green Power without the Hassle”
An Example of Green Power Success

A Local  University established itself as a 100% Green Power Institution through The Energy Exchange™ 

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Charlie Scandone, Director of Facilities Montgomery County Community College

“Applied Energy Partners’ exceptional service, process and market advice has resulted in huge savings for MCCC. With budgets constantly changing, AEP has made it possible for the college to establish budget certainty all the while being under budget for Energy since 2012.”

Charlie Scandone, Director of Facilities Montgomery County Community College

The Energy Markets…simplified.


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