Lower costs without damaging the quality of the educational experience

We understand how to structure an energy procurement auction to address the unique characteristics of education clients.  

We know, for example, that energy accounts for roughly 2-3% of a typical school’s budget. While this represents only a small percentage of total costs, it is one of the few expenses that can be decreased without damaging the quality of the educational experience.

Plus, the ability to project long-term pricing can provide budget certainty when considering projected tuition costs.

K-12 & Colleges and Universities

On an annual basis, K-12 schools in the U.S. spend an average of 67 cents per square foot on electricity and 19 cents per square foot on natural gas.

Colleges and Universities, particularly residential campuses, have a very different load profile from schools, and we structure our auctions with these differences in mind.

In a typical school building, lighting, space heating and water heating represent between 74% and 86% of total energy use depending on climate, making those systems the primary factors affecting load profile. (See the table to the right.)

Green Power

Many educational customers are interested in buying green power, and this is often available at little or no premium as an inherent part of our auction process.

If you are presently buying energy as part of an educational aggregation – a collective buying group – we should talk. Most of our education clients left their aggregation and experienced significant savings through our auctions. 

David Benton

“I was most impressed with the on-line auction process. The Rittenhouse Hotel is delighted to repot a 19% savings over our previous Firm Fixed contract. Our new contract now includes 10% green power, important to our conservation efforts.”

David Benton

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