Cost Reduction

SiteWatch helps companies pinpoint wasted energy not just at a building level but also for individual pieces of equipment within a facility. With such precision, businesses can find hidden waste that if -eliminated -could mean significant savings.

Operational Efficiency

Precise data collection is the key to reducing overall energy use,  reducing the cost of operations, and increase production yields and profitability.

Investment Decisions

How can any business effectively identify improvement or investment opportunities within their facilities without accurate data? With our wireless sensor technology any piece of equipment can be measured on a granular level providing real time and accurate data for ongoing retro-commissioning and potential energy efficiency projects.


Operational Efficiency: This report, called a “Heat Map” shows energy consumption in a manufacturing facility. 

  • The horizontal axis is broken into 1-hour time blocks.
  • The vertical axis shows 3 weeks’ collected data.
  • Energy consumption is color-coded from green (low) to red (intense).


  • Observations/Questions 
    1. This is a one-shift operation, so why does the graphic show light usage (green) in the off-hours during the week of the 19th? Is this maintenance? If so, why do we not see the same pattern every week? Or did someone come into work on the weekend and leave the lights and A/C on?
    2. Why is energy usage so uneven? Overall usage is much higher during the week of the 19th, but there are also periods of intense energy consumption (red) in Week Two. Energy consumption in Week 3 is much lighter than the other weeks. Can scheduling balance consumption more evenly and shift consumption to off peak hours?
  • Action: Install sensors to detect source of off-hours consumption, and revise scheduling to reduce Peak Hour spikes.
  • Projected Savings: $65,000

Investment Decisions: This is a Benchmark Report comparing energy consumption by four similar motors.

  • The vertical axis measures energy consumption.
  • The bars indicated the energy consumed by four different motors over a 3-month period.

  • Observations / Questions: Motor #1 consumes almost 4x the energy of the most efficient motor..
  • Action: Calculate the financial justification for replacing motor #1.
  • Potential Savings: 45,000 kWh per month