The graph below shows an air compressor consuming about 50kW an hour when unloaded. It is idling most of the time, then shutting down when the system reaches its’ target pressure (or if a VFD is preventing lower speed operation).

Clearly this compressor is consuming about 50kW simply to keep the system pressurized. This is a 24x7 problem, because it’s using 50kW just to keep up with the leaks - in addition to supplying any demand from the plant. The annual cost to this customer was about $25,000/year.

The cost of equipment failure is not just the replacement of a part or a motor. It’s much broader and more serious than that. Cost of failure can include…

  1. Replacing or rewinding motors
  2. Labor for installation of parts
  3. Production downtime, often measured in thousands of dollars an hour.
  4. Missed customer deadlines since breakdowns always occur at the worst possible time (Murphy’s Law!)
  5. Spare parts, including shipping them in rapidly if not on hand.
  6. Flying in engineers/technicians to make complex repairs.

So, what should be monitored in real time? It depends on the facility and processes, but here are some possibilities…

  1. The largest energy-consuming equipment or motors
  2. Critical systems - on which other processes depend (e.g. compressed air, cooling water etc.)
  3. Motors with a history of non-dependability
  4. Equipment that’s hard to reach
  5. Older equipment that may be overdue for replacement

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