Aluminum Foundry Identifies IMMEDIATE Payout from SiteWatch

December 5, 2017By Tom DufraineEnergy Industry Success Stories

One of our clients – an aluminum foundry – installed SiteWatch in August of this year, and-within the first 30 days- identified savings that would pay for the entire system. The specific savings opportunities were: Energy Savings – by addressing leakage from the Compressed Air system Machine Failure Prevention – by identifying oven-operating issues. ENERGY … Read More

Green Power at Historically Low Rates

December 5, 2017By Tom DufraineEnergy Industry Success Stories

Seven years ago, we were instrumental in helping Gwynedd Mercy University establish itself as a 100% Green Power Institution, and our auctions have enabled them to maintain that status ever since. Last month, we again conducted an auction for this long-term client.  There are 2 components that make this auction stand out. 1) The auction … Read More

SiteWatch™ Makes Waves at MABFM’17

December 5, 2017By Tom DufraineEnergy Industry Success Stories

Over 600 exhibitors and attendees at the Mid-Atlantic Building and Facility Management Show in Edison, NJ. were introduced to the SiteWatch™ energy-monitoring and equipment-management system last month. In his seminar address, Kit Gutteridge, President of Applied Energy Partners, told the attendees that “rapid breakthroughs in real-time  machine-operations and energy-monitoring technologies are powerful, cost effective, and … Read More

Manufacturing the Lowest Possible Price

October 5, 2017By Tom DufraineEnergy Industry Success Stories

In August of 2017 Applied Energy Partners held another successful electricity procurement event for National Manufacturing – a metal component manufacturer in NJ and a long-term customer. Since our relationship began in 2012, Applied Energy has provided critical market timing advice to National Manufacturing, and our hyper-competitive reverse auction process [The Energy ExchangeSM] has secured … Read More

A Perfect Example of Long-Range Thinking

September 13, 2017By Tom DufraineEnergy Industry Success Stories

Wolfe Bleach & Dye is one of Pennsylvania’s oldest family-owned businesses.   They have been “Leading the pack” in the textile commission dyeing, bleaching and finishing industry since 1902. Although they are an old, established company, their procurement policies are very future-focused: Applied Energy Partners had already secured very attractive electricity and natural gas pricing for Wolfe through 2018 … Read More

A 5-Year Success Story

July 10, 2017By Tom DufraineEnergy Industry Success Stories

This month’s Success Story demonstrates how The Energy Exchange procurement process saves our clients time and money… Montgomery County Community College (MCCC) has been a client for 5 years, and we have conducted a total of 10 auctions for them including electricity and natural gas.

Forward Thinking

June 14, 2017By Tom DufraineEnergy Industry Success Stories

Here’s an example of how one of our clients locked up long-term energy savings in a down market…Cigas Machine Shop is a metal fabrication company in the PECO utility area.  Their current electricity supply contract ends in May of 2018 – more than a year in the future at the time of our auction.