Are You Locked In Thru 2020?

July 10, 2017By Tom DufraineEnergy Industry Insights

If you have not locked in your energy supply contracts through 2020, you really need to give us a call. Given that electricity rates are at 4-year lows, we have advised all our clients to buy at least three years in advance.  Natural gas is slightly more skittish, but we’re still able to make opportunistic … Read More

PJM Transmission Increases Throughout PA

July 10, 2017By Tom DufraineEnergy Industry Insights

As we alerted you in an earlier newsletter, PJM has announced adjustments to the Transmission Tariff, also known as Network Integration Transmission Service or the NITS charge, and these increases will be included in July billing for all electricity supply contracts, whether you are buying directly from a utility or through a supplier. 

This Is a No-Brainer

June 14, 2017By Tom DufraineEnergy Industry Insights

Electricity prices are now at 5-year lows.  [YES you read that correctly.] It doesn’t matter when your current contract renews.  You simply sign a new contract NOW, and it begins automatically when your old contract ends.  But you need to buy now, and you need to go long – we strongly recommend that you lock … Read More

Don’t You Hate Failure?

June 14, 2017By Tom DufraineEnergy Industry Insights

Unplanned downtime caused by equipment failure can be extremely expensive in terms of lost production, lost revenue, unemployed workers, etc. For this reason, there is a great deal of industry focus now on an approach called Predictive Maintenance (PdM). 

The Buyer’s Market Continues

April 26, 2017By Tom DufraineEnergy Industry Insights

Energy prices continue to hold at historically low levels.  As we went to press, electricity and natural gas prices were at 5-year lows.  In our judgment, there is very little possibility that these prices can go lower.  Last time natural gas prices dipped below current levels, drillers began to cap their wells, because they were … Read More