NITS Rate Increases

February 2, 2018By Tom DufraineEnergy Industry Insights No Comments

In January, many utilities updated their Network Integration Transmission Service (NITS) rates. Below is a chart reflecting NITS rate updates throughout utilities served by PJM. These new rates will begin to appear as a separate line item* on electricity bills that have a start date beginning in January. PJM’s transmission rates are regulated by the … Read More

Small-Scale Solar Still Struggles

January 30, 2018By Tom DufraineEnergy Industry Insights No Comments

We believe that every company wants to be responsible steward of our environment and planet but at what cost?  When most people think of renewable energy, solar tends to lead the discussion; however, there are major disadvantages to solar. 1) Solar Markets are Constantly Changing- Like other energy commodities, solar REC’s (SRECs) are traded on … Read More

Go to the Next Level with the Energy Star Challenge for Industry

January 26, 2018By Tom DufraineEnergy Industry Insights No Comments

Improving Energy Efficiency 10% at a time The ENERGY STAR Challenge for Industry is a global call-to-action for industrial sites to reduce their energy intensity by 10 percent within 5 years. Any industrial site can participate, and those that achieve this goal will earn EPA recognition. Learn more about eligibility, participation, and recognition. Click Here … Read More

Green Energy Without the Hassle

January 26, 2018By Tom DufraineEnergy Industry Insights No Comments

  Go Green Without the Hassle and Expense Any company can go green without the hassle and expense of on-site renewable generation. All 3rd party supply contracts can include various percentages of green power to support corporate green initiatives and sustainability plans. The premiums associated with green power procurement are far less expensive than buying … Read More

Take the Energy Star Challenge for Industry

January 11, 2018By Tom DufraineEnergy Industry Insights

When most folks think of Energy Star they think of household appliances and lighting. However, Energy Star certification and recognition goes well beyond washers, dryers and refrigerators as commercial properties and manufacturers can achieve Energy Star recognition for their entire facilities; therefore, reducing their energy consumption. Energy Star Certification is a hot topic for the … Read More

Why You Need an Energy Monitoring System Now

January 10, 2018By Tom DufraineEnergy Industry Insights

With pressure mounting to reduce consumption and improve sustainability, a new generation of electricity monitoring devices has emerged to address the challenge. Tiny, wireless electricity sensors do the job of a $1,000 electricity sub-meter, but they cost just $50 apiece.  You will be able to see a complete picture of your energy consumption – every … Read More


December 5, 2017By Tom DufraineEnergy Industry Insights

We recently spoke to two companies who told us that that their employees had been “bullied” by salespeople into agreeing to an electricity supply contract over the phone. These phone calls typically include one or more misleading threats or promises: “We work with PECO and you’re entitled to a discount on your energy bill.” “If … Read More