Seven years ago, we were instrumental in helping Gwynedd Mercy University establish itself as a 100% Green Power Institution, and our auctions have enabled them to maintain that status ever since.

Last month, we again conducted an auction for this long-term client.  There are 2 components that make this auction stand out.

1) The auction was held for a futures contract with a start date in December of 2019. With markets continuing to hold at 5-year lows, Gwynedd Mercy not only secured significant savings, but established budget certainty through to 2023. In total the University will save over $78,000 annually starting in 2020 for a combined savings of over $230,000 over the term of the contract.

2) The University was able to continue their Green Power Tradition, securing a 100% Green contract with marginal premiums of only $2,000 annually, compared to buying REC’s on the open market at a cost of more than $12,000 over the 3-year term.

What Can We Offer You?

1) The industry’s most effective energy auction process – The Energy Exchange℠ creates a marketplace in which all the qualified suppliers compete head-to-head to win your business.

2) Superior advice on market timing

3) A proven process for procuring Green Power at a fraction of market price.