Applied Energy Partners will be presenting at the 12th Annual Mid-Atlantic Buildings & Facilities -Management Show & Conference November 15th, 2017 at the New Jersey Convention Center, Edison NJ. Come by our booth (510) and attend our session on the Future of Energy Monitoring and Management.

Massive technological change driven by the Internet of Things is changing the world we work in. Millions of devices from thermostats to light fixtures to motors are learning to communicate with each other – and with you!

Your fridge at home can call a serviceman, and now a machine in your plant that’s operating erratically or starting to deteriorate can ‘call’ your operators and technicians when it needs help.

SiteWatch represents a breakthrough in Operations and Energy Management: a flexible, affordable monitoring and management service that lets you view your equipment operations and energy-consumption continuously – at a level of detail you’ve never seen before.

In real-time, you can see the operating patterns of your machinery graphically, as well as when and how much energy is being used – or wasted – in your facility by every pump, compressor, chiller, freezer or motor of any kind.

Whether you manage and maintain the operations on a manufacturing floor or within a commercial setting, knowing how you use your energy will improve your operations and bottom line simultaneously by:

  1. Improving energy efficiency by eliminating waste and optimizing equipment settings and schedules
  2. Viewing Equipment and Machine Patterns. By monitoring main pieces of equipment and machinery operators can view in real time energy usage to determine how a single piece of equipment or an entire production line or system is operating and whether it’s healthy or not. In addition, over time trends and patterns can be established and benchmarked.
  3. Identify Failure Prediction. When a motor-driven machine starts to fail, one of the earliest signs is an increase in power draw by that motor – typically before you can hear a problem or it overheats. For example, a deteriorating bearing or a short in the windings or a plugged downstream filter, can result in significant increases in power draw.
  4. Eliminate and/or Reduce Cost of Equipment Failure: It’s not just the replacement of a part or a motor. It’s much broader and more serious than that.
    1. Cost of labor
    2. Production downtime
    3. Missed customer deadlines

So, if you are looking to improve operations within a manufacturing setting or to make a commercial building more energy efficient come see us in Edison New Jersey on November 15th.