Remember, there are only two ways to reduce your energy bill, and only Applied Energy Partners offers the industry’s BEST solution to each of these challenges

  • Use Less
  • Pay Less
Use Less: Energy Monitoring

SiteWatch is a breakthrough in energy monitoring and management.  Tiny, INEXPENSIVE wireless sensors that can be installed for a fraction of the cost of conventional meters, and with NO upfront capital investment.

Cost Reduction

SiteWatch helps companies pinpoint wasted energy not just at a building level but also for individual pieces of equipment within a facility. With such precision, businesses can find hidden waste that if -eliminated -could mean significant savings.

Operational Efficiency

Precise data collection is the key to reducing overall energy use, reducing the cost of operations, and increase production yields and profitability.

Investment Decisions

How can any business effectively identify improvement or investment opportunities within their facilities without accurate data? With our wireless sensor technology, any piece of equipment can be measured on a granular level providing real time and accurate data for ongoing retro-commissioning and potential energy efficiency projects.

Pay Less: Energy Auctions

The Energy Exchange is a marketplace in which suppliers compete head-to-head for your business.  You’ll see every price from every viable supplier.  Then we help you choose the approach that best suits your energy strategy.  It’s the fastest path to the lowest price©.

The evidence is now conclusive: compared to traditional brokers, reverse auctions is the most effective way to lower your energy price…for electricity and natural gas.

And The Energy Exchange is simply the best energy auction available.

  • Fast: Takes just 2 hours of your time over the entire process.
  • Easy: We handle everything from the RFP’s to the contracts.
  • Powerful: Creates intense competition among suppliers
  • Effective: You will see every pricing from every viable supplier, so you are certain to see the lowest price available specific to your facilities