If You’re Running a Restaurant, how do you increase your profitability?

  • You can’t cut the cost of food – the quality will suffer
  • You can’t cut personnel easily – the service will suffer
  • You can’t cut the rent

Energy is the ONLY significant expense you can cut without compromising the dining experience.

What if we GUARANTEED the industry’s best approach to cutting your energy price. It’s a fast, efficient reverse auction process that requires little of your time but will have a huge impact on your bottom line. If you want to get a lower energy price, you must generate intense competition among the energy suppliers.

The Energy Exchange creates a hyper-competitive market place in which every supplier within any given utility will compete head-to-head for your business regardless of usage volume. Both electricity auctions and natural gas auctions are held on The Energy Exchange weekly.

The Energy Exchange℠ works for both electricity and natural gas, and here’s how it works:

  • You’ll see every price from every viable supplier serving your utility area. Since you’re not missing any prices, you can be certain you’ve seen the best price available to you on that day
  • The entire process (including our fee) is totally transparent

It’s perfect For Restaurant Groups

  • We can hold auctions simultaneously for multiple locations
  • We can combine locations within the same utility as well as pricing each location individually, to see which strategy is the most cost effective
  • We can achieve budget certainty for you while reducing operating costs
  • We provide ongoing bill auditing to ensure that billing is correct for single and multiple locations

We can tell you in advance how much you’ll save

Please call us to find out what prices you can expect as result of one of our auctions.  It doesn’t matter how you’re buying your energy now, or when your current contract expires. We’re buying energy every day, and can give you an accurate estimate of what your new rate will be.

Our 100% guarantee.

Here’s the kicker: if we do run an auction for you, and you don’t like the result, you just walk away.  No expense.  No fee.  No obligation.  We’re happy to invest our time because we have absolute confidence in our process and our guarantee.