This month’s Success Story demonstrates how The Energy Exchange procurement process saves our clients time and money…

Montgomery County Community College (MCCC) has been a client for 5 years, and we have conducted a total of 10 auctions for them including electricity and natural gas.

We recently ran a natural gas auction for them, involving:

  • a mix of rate classes
  • two campuses
  • 1 large Transport Account
  • 6 small General Service accounts

Supplier participation was outstanding for a natural gas auction:

  • 8 Suppliers competed for the Transport account
  • 10 suppliers competed for the GS accounts
  • MCCC saw every price available from every viable supplier

The Results?

Two separate suppliers won the contracts; MCCC saved $36,000 over the course of the 24-month contracts, and MCCC management spent no more than an hour on the entire process, including our initial consultation and making the final decision.  We did all the rest.

That’s the value of a Trusted Energy Advisor.  Why not give us a call to see how we can help you save time and money on your energy procurement?

“Applied Energy Partners’ exceptional service, process and market advice has resulted in huge savings for MCCC. With budgets constantly changing, AEP has made it possible for the college to establish budget certainty all the while being under budget for Energy since 2012.”

 Charlie Scandone, Director of Facilities Montgomery County Community College