The South Middleton School District, located near Carlisle, PA, comprises one high school, one middle school, and two elementary schools.

Although their current contract runs through July 0f 2018, the District recognized the significant buying opportunity in the current market and elected to lock up savings farther into the future.

Auction participation was outstanding: Sixteen Met-Ed suppliers participated, and the District signed a 24-month contract, at a 32% savings compared to their current contract. This equates to over $100,000 in annual savings.

Since South Middleton is currently enrolled in a Demand Response program, we advised them to take CAPS and NITS as a pass-trough. By passing through Capacity they will be able to take advantage of lower tags because of their curtailment program.

“Applied Energy Partners has made our energy procurement process a pleasure.  We greatly appreciate their advice and counsel regarding Capacity Tags and Demand response, and the savings have been substantial – over $100,000 per year”.  Andy Glantz -Director of Buildings & Grounds