Applied Energy Partners recently surveyed 42 of the most prominent energy Suppliers, seeking their feedback on our 2-stage auction process, accuracy, and efficiency.

This pool of Suppliers covers every utility area in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic Regions and are well qualified to judge our people and our processes. On average, they deal with 58 different brokers and some deal with as many as 200.

The results showed that

  •  84% of the responding suppliers ranked AEP among the Top 10% of the brokers they work with.
  • And 17% ranked us #1

Applied Energy Partners - TeamThis matters to you (our customers), because our procurement platform – The Energy Exchange – depends upon the participation of every viable supplier in your area to produce its extraordinary results.

This endorsement of our people and process by 3rd party Suppliers provides direct evidence of our accuracy, efficiency and fairness, which ensures that all viable suppliers participate in our auctions and you will always see the lowest price.

We are extremely gratified with our outstanding rating, and we are committed to continual improvement.