York College of Pennsylvania is a private, coeducational, institution located in south central Pennsylvania.  The college offers more than 50 baccalaureate majors to its 4,600 full-time undergraduate students, along with Masters programs in business, education, and nursing, and a doctoral program in nursing practice.

Applied Energy Partners was asked to run multiple auctions for:

  • The core commercial account
  • Residential accounts for student and faculty housing
  • A bridge account to ensure that all new and existing accounts co-terminate.
  • 3 Different Suppliers won contracts for the 3 events


Commercial: 2 campuses, 39 total accounts totaling 21 MM kWh

  • 11 Suppliers Participated
  • Resulting in 22% in savings with $278K in annual savings and $835K in term savings
  • Premium for 20% Green was marginal only $900 a year


  • 106 Accounts totaling 600,000 annual kWh
  • 30% savings: $13K annual savings and $40K term savings
  • With 20% green to match all the other contracts


  • 14 Accounts equaling 600,000 kWh
  • Resulting in 24% Savings $9K annual