Ateeco, Inc., the manufacturer of famed Mrs. T’s® Pierogies, is a member of the Northeast Pennsylvania Manufacturers & Employers Association (NEPA MAEA). As the association’s preferred energy broker, Applied Energy Partners provides free consulting services for MAEA members, as well as indicative pricing at no charge.

Although their current contract did not expire until December 2017, they approached Applied Energy Partners about conducting a procurement auction in January 2017, intending to lock up long-term savings while energy costs are low.

Thanks to our proprietary auction process, The Energy ExchangeSM, we are uniquely positioned to foster competition among energy suppliers; more than 12 suppliers participated in the auction. The process is highly efficient – taking just one day, allowing a company to focus on other priority tasks without devoting major resources to the auction.

This is the second auction that AEP has conducted for Ateeco, which has now saved almost $200,000 versus the cost of their prior contracts.

We truly believe we have created the most efficient and effective energy procurement process available today.  Period.

Unlike traditional energy brokers, we don’t promise you the “lowest” price.  Instead, we show you EVERY price, including:

  • Every supplier
  • Every contract option
  • Every available term length

Then we help you strike a strategic balance between price and risk.

You’ll see every available price and gain valuable insights into the key issues of energy procurement.  All with minimal investment of your time. And we stand behind our process 100%: If – for any reason – you are not satisfied with our recommendations, just walk away.  You have no obligation whatsoever.

That’s the advantage of working with a professional energy consultant, instead of just a broker. We know:

  • WHEN to buy. We track energy market trends every day, and we advise you how and when to use the trends to your advantage.
  • WHERE to buy. We know the strengths and weaknesses of every energy supplier in your area, and our proprietary auction process creates intense head-to-head competition among them.
  • HOW to buy. We help you avoid the landmines in contract language, regulatory changes, tax exemptions, and billing errors.

We are not looking for sales; we are seeking close and long-term relationships with companies who value their time and who can benefit from our expertise.

Please contact us at 484-324-8010 or to learn more about how we can help you lower your energy costs and increase your use of green power with little-to-no additional premiums.