In our experience, the ONLY way to generate intense competition among energy Suppliers is to force them to compete head-to-head for your business. And the best way to induce this head-to-head competition is through our proprietary procurement process – The Energy Exchange℠.

An electricity auction we conducted last week demonstrated – once again – why we say The Energy Exchange is “the fastest path to the lowest price”©.

  • Point #1: In the first auction round, 12 suppliers competed head-to-head for the client’s contract – 8 Million kWh annually. The fact that we got 12 suppliers to participate is proof of their trust in Applied Energy Partners and their past experience with The Energy Exchange.
  • Point #2: The first round yielded a price of 5.6¢, a 16% savings versus the client’s then-current price. This is consistent with the rate of saving we have been generating for our clients so far this year – regardless of their size.
  • Point #3: In the second round, we go back to the top three bidders and ask them to bid against each other to win the contract. In this event, the suppliers were able to reduce their pricing an incremental .03¢ (three one-hundredths of a cent). This is evidence that Suppliers approach the auction process very aggressively – to the point that they have practically nothing left for the second round.

We truly believe that we have created the best energy procurement process in the industry, and we’d love to discuss it with you. Give us a call…there’s no obligation.