The electricity and natural gas procurement process is often quite complex, and our clients appreciate our expertise in navigating and simplifying the process. This was the case with the largest state university in New Jersey. The school’s energy needs were vast, with:

  • Campuses in three different utilities
  • More than 400 natural gas accounts
  • Nearly 300 electricity accounts
  • 80 million kWh of electricity used annually
  • 650,000 Dth of natural gas used annually

We held a series of three energy procurement auctions, covering the three utilities, and featuring 27 different suppliers. The auctions were organized by:

  • Location
  • Commodity
  • Rate class

We held all three auctions in a single day, and at the conclusion, four different suppliers were awarded contracts. The contract term lengths varied from 21-33 months, to allow for co-termination and simpler management of renewals.

As a result of working with Applied Energy Partners, the university has a better understanding of its energy needs and options – as well as an improved bottom line. Their energy savings were projected to be more than $2.6 million over the term of the three contracts.

That’s the advantage of working with a professional energy consultant, instead of just a broker. We know:

  • WHEN to buy: We track energy market trends every day, and we advise you how and when to use the trends to your advantage.
  • WHERE to buy: We know the strengths and weaknesses of every energy supplier in your area, and our proprietary auction process creates intense head-to-head competition among them.
  • HOW to buy: We help you avoid the landmines in contract language, regulatory changes, tax exemptions, and billing errors.

We can help you simplify your energy procurement process – and save you money.

Please contact us at 484-324-8010 or to learn more about how we can help you lower your energy costs and increase your use of green power with little-to-no additional premiums.