In 3Q16, we conducted an electricity and natural gas procurement auction for Quarryville Presbyterian Retirement Community; it was hugely successful, both in terms of the Supplier participation and the final result:  27% savings!

This was a single-utility auction conducted in the PPL utility area. 14 Suppliers participated, and we received 40 bids for various contract configurations over the course of our two-stage auction.

At the conclusion, QPRC saved almost $115,000 per year – $344,000 over the term of the contract.

That’s the advantage of working with a Licensed Energy Consultant, instead of just a typical broker. We know:

  • WHEN to buy. We track energy market trends every day, and we advise you how and when to use the trends to your advantage.
  • WHERE to buy. We know the strengths and weaknesses of every energy supplier in your area, and our proprietary auction process creates intense head-to-head competition among them
  • HOW to buy. We help you avoid the landmines in contract language, regulatory changes, tax exemptions, and billing errors.

You’ll see every available price and gain valuable insights into the key issues of energy procurement. All with minimal investment of your time.


Please give us a call to see how our powerful auction process – The Energy ExchangeSM – can work to YOUR advantage. 

“Nelson Hoover has provided outstanding care for Quarryville for over seventeen years. We have been well served by his patient, caring, graciously persistent wisdom with utilities.”

Robert B. Hayward, Jr.
President and CEO