Although energy procurement aggregations do not work in every instance, The Energy Exchange℠ offers the flexibility to compare an aggregation strategy whenever the possibility seems viable. In this case, the aggregation approach saved our Client more than $380,000.

SpiriTrust Lutheran® manages six senior living communities and provides other life-enhancing programs. Annually, they serve almost 20,000 people in Pennsylvania and Maryland.

Our initial energy procurement auction for this Client included 19 accounts and 8.6 Million kWh across 2 utility areas. We explored two strategic approaches: pricing by utility and as an aggregation. In this instance, the aggregation strategy appeared to be a viable option because of the common management and the consistency of the load profiles across the 19 accounts.

This highlights one of the strengths of our auction process – the ability to explore alternative strategies in a single auction.  Our auction process – The Energy Exchange℠ – generates results that are completely transparent and easy to understand.  Our Clients can see the dollar-and-cents impact of alternative strategies and alternative contract lengths.

Based on the auction results, we aggregated all accounts, saving the Client more than $380,000 over the course of a 3-year contract.

“SpiriTrust Lutheran® recently participated in its first auction through Applied Energy Partners (AEP) to obtain reduced electric rates for multiple locations in Pennsylvania. AEP offered recommendations that enabled us to save approximately 20% on energy over a three-year period.”

Joseph Sabold
Corporate Director of Facilities Management & Construction, SpiriTrust Lutheran®